Hello, I am Layla and I have a business dedicated to the distribution of food products, hardware, construction materials, orthopaedic products and single-use biodegradable materials.

My mission is to supply my customers with quality products, supported by real guarantees from our factories, with competitive prices and according to the time of purchase, delivering them within the promised deadlines with the aim of obtaining the maximum possible benefit in each operation carried out through my business.

I hope to continue to grow based on the constant and active search for new product lines that allow me to deliver to my customers always the most current and functional.

I carry out all this work using my know-how as a guide, which stems first of all from my integrity as a person, my responsibility in any situation, problem, error, my speed in all the processes involved in the management of each order, my desire to innovate and maintain a creative way of working, always for the benefit of my customers and suppliers.

My partners, the factories, are the ones who support me and allow me to move forward and grow thanks to constant quality, competitive prices and reasonable service times. I have maintained excellent human and professional relations with these partners since I started this wonderful adventure 17 years ago.

Two things remain eternally true and in my opinion complement each other: don't turn off your inspiration and your power of imagination, don't become a slave to the model; and the other, take a model and study it, otherwise your inspiration will not materialise.